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Hey, thanks for passing by, welcome to the blog for Pet Fish fans. This is me, Wayne, and my son Theo. I started this journey after we bought him hist first Fish Tank of fish. Follow my site for my research and info on Pet Fish.

Bicolor Blenny Fish Care Guide

The Bicolor Blenny fish is a must for any tank because it brings colour to your tank, with its dual-tone colouring, brown front half of the body and a yellow-orange tail half. Quick Navigation What Does The Bicolor Blenny Fish Look Like?What Is Their Scientific Name?Are They Aggressive?Are They Beginner Friendly?How Long Do They Typically […]

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California Garibaldi Fish Facts

Easy to spot, the California Garibaldi is a fairly large bright orange coloured fish. The scientific name of the fish is Hypsypopsrubicundus, it belongs to the damsel fish family. Locals named this vibrantly coloured fish after an Italian politician Giuseppe Garibaldi because his followers usually wore a red shirt. This is one of the largest fish […]

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Compressiceps Cichlid Profile Guide

The Compressiceps Cichlid is a beautiful metallic blue predatory fish from the Malawi region in Africa that can grow up to an impressive 10 inches. This gorgeous creature can swim at great speeds owing to its strange flat shape. This speed combined with a protruding lower tooth jaw make it quite a deadly predator.In their natural […]

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Bolivian Ram Fish Care Guide

Bolivian Ram Fish are very fascinating and friendly fishes that have the potential to add grace to your aquarium. Hailing straight from the river basins of Bolivia and Brazil, this fish is very hardy and easy to care. If you are planning for a community fish that would do well with your other peaceful fish, then […]

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Discus Fish Care Guide: Diet, Tank mates

The Discus fish species, which is also commonly known to most fish tank hobbyists as the “Aquarium King”, is part of the Cichlidae Family of fish. A large part as to why they’ve been christened the “king’s of the fish tank” is because of their vibrant, regal color scheme and, of course, their majestic beauty.  To date, […]

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Harlequin Rasboras Care Sheet

The Harlequin Rasboras is an amazing fish to breed. And even though many fish breeders often do not give much of a thought to it, this fish can be a great addition to your aquarium.  From a pleasant temperament to less demanding feeding and housing needs, there is more than one reason to consider getting […]

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Royal Gramma Fish Care Guide: Diet, Tankmates and More

Gorgeous purple and yellow hues make up the remarkable Royal Gramma fish, making it a beautiful addition to your aquarium. Belonging to the Grammidae family, this fish, also called the Fairy Basslet, requires a saltwater aquarium and is a great species if you are new to keeping fish.The fish is bi-coloured with a bright purple […]

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White Cloud Mountain Minnow Care Sheet

Quick Navigation What Do They Look Like?What Are The Tank Requirements?What Is The Best Tank Maintenance?What Are The Water Conditions Recommended For This Fish?What Do They Like To Eat?What Make The Best Tankmates For The White Cloud Minnow?Are They Easy To Breed?What Is The Reproduction Process?Why are they sometimes called: “Poor Man’s Neon Tetra!”?What Is […]

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Moray Eel Care Guide: Species, Diet

Quick Navigation What Do They Look Like?What Are The Most Common Species Of Moray Eel?What Do Moray Eels Like To Eat?What Are There Tank Requirements?What Should The Tank Setup Look Like?Do They Need A Filtration System?What Is Their Behaviour Like?What Other Fish Make Good Tankmates?Do They Have Any Healthcare Complications?Conclusion It’s no secret that human […]

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Bristlenose Pleco Care Guide

Quick Navigation What Does The Bristlenose Pleco Look Like?What Are Their Tank Requirements?Do You Need A Water Filtration System?What Are The Best Water Conditions For The Bristlenose Pleco?What Do These Fish Eat?How Often Should You Feed The Fish?Are They Easy To Breed?Choosing A Cave For BreedingPleco or Plecostomus?What Other Fish Make Good Tankmates For The […]

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