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Hey, thanks for passing by, welcome to the blog for Pet Fish fans. This is me, Wayne, and my son Theo. I started this journey after we bought him hist first Fish Tank of fish. Follow my site for my research and info on Pet Fish.

Panda Corydoras Care Guide – Diet, Tankmates, Breeding

Quick Navigation Where Is The Panda Corydoras Originally From?What Do They Look Like?What Are Their Best Tankmates?What Is The Best Tank Size For Panda Corydoras?What Are The Water Requirements?What Is Their Best Diet?How Can You Tell The Difference Between The Male And Female Sex?Are The Panda Corydoras Easy To Breed?What Is The Best Way To […]

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Batfish Care Guide – Feeding, Behaviour, Filtration

Quick Navigation Is Batfish Saltwater?What Does a Batfish Look Like?What Is Its Behaviour Like?What Do They Eat?What Size Tank Should They Have?Are They Suitable For Reef Setups?Will You Need Any Water Filtration?Roughly How Much Do They Cost?Where Do Batfish Originate From?Is It Easy To Breed Them?What Do Orbiculate Batfish Look Like?What Do Teira Batfish Look […]

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Is a Pipefish a Vertebrate? The Complete Guide and Facts

Quick Navigation So, Is A Pipefish A Vertebrate?What is a Pipefish?What Does A Pipefish Look Like?Where Can You Typically Find Them?What Are Their Tank Requirements?Are they easy to care for?What Do Pipefish Eat?What Are The Most Common Pipefish Species?Can You Mix Them With Other Fish?Can You Breed Pipefish?Is There Any Specific Water Conditions Required?Conclusion So, […]

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Damselfish Care Guide – 15 Facts you wish you knew

Quick Navigation What Family Is The Damselfish From?How Big Do They Grow?Are They Aggressive?What Food Do Damselfish Eat?What Do They Look Like?What Are The Popular Varieties Of Damselfish?What Are Their Tank Requirements?Can You Mix Damselfish With Other Fish?What Types Of Diseases May They Pick Up?What Are Their Water Requirements?How Often Do You Need To Change […]

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Are Copperband Butterflyfish Reef Safe?

Quick Navigation So, are Copperband Butterflyfish Reef Safe?What Is Their Scientific Name?What Other Names Do They Have (Common Names)?What Does The Copperband Butterflyfish Look Like?What Is Its Natural Habitat?What Do They Eat?What Is Their Behaviour Like?Why Have They Got A Bad Survival Record In Home Aquariums?Why Do They Jump?Can They Get Damaged While They Are […]

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Firefish Care Guide – Can You Mix Firefish Goby?

Quick Navigation Can You Mix The Firefish Goby With Other Fish?What Is The Firefish’s Scientific and Common Name?Where Did It Originate From (Come From)?What Colours Does It Have?What Is The Best Tank Size For A Firefish?What Is Their Behaviour Like?What Do Firefish Goby Eat?What Temperature Should Their Water Be?Is It Easy To Breed Firefish?Are They […]

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Can a Rainbow Shark Live in a 20 Gallon Tank?

Quick Navigation So, Can A Rainbow Shark Live In a 20 Gallon Tank?What are Rainbow Sharks also known as?What is the best size tank for a rainbow shark?Where Is The Best Location For The Tank?What Decorations Should You Put On The Bottom Of The Tank?How Should You Treat The Water?What Is The Best Temperature For […]

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