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Can Silver Arowana Fish Change Colors?

Quick Navigation Can it Change Colors? Where is the Silver Arowana fish From?Is It Beginner Friendly?What Do They Look Like?What is Their General Behaviour Like?Are They Easy To Breed?How Big Should Their Tanks Be?What Fish Make Good Tankmates For Them?What Should You Feed Your Arowana Fish?Conclusion Can the Arowana Change Colors? That’s a question many aquarists that […]

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Can Betta Fish See in the Dark?

The short answer is no Betta Fish cannot see in the dark, however, later in this article I will explain why many people think this. As an avid fish fan, like you, you might want to get your hands on the Betta fish. This fish is quite popular because it has bright colours and large fins. […]

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Why is my Bloodfin Tetra Swimming Upside Down?

Quick Navigation IntroductionWhy is your fish upside Down?What is Swim Bladder Disorder?What Causes Swim Bladder Disorder?What are the Symptoms of Swim Bladder Disorder?How Do You Treat Swim Bladder Disorder?Can They Die From this Disorder?How Do You Prevent It?Can Using Epsom Salt Cure It?What Should You Feed Your Bloodfin Tetra Fish?What are the Best Tankmates for […]

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What Fish Can You Put With Axolotls?

Quick Navigation So, Can you really mix Axolotls?Having More Than One Axolotl in One TankCan You Mx Axolotl with Plecostomus?The Best Temperature for Your AxolotlWhat Food Do Axolotl Eat?What is the Best Tank Size?Is a Filtration System Required?What are the best decorations for the tank?What different types of colours are there for axolotls? So, Can […]

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